Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the bandwagon

I'm relatively new to the art of text messaging. I only started using it, oh, this summer. My friend Carla was the one who encouraged me. She rarely answers the phone, but she'll text in a heartbeat. And I got really good at it when my dad was in the hospital.

Tonight it came in quite handy. I was wandering around the dollar store -- I do love a good dollar store -- when I came across these!

Unimpressed? Well, my friend posted just recently that she was looking for just these star-shaped glass dishes.

Woohooo! Me to the rescue!

It was a bit late for a phone call, so I sent her a text message asking if she wanted me to pick them up. It's like instant messaging without the computer. I'm all about it!

Now I'm wondering if I can get Skeeter to spring for a Blackberry, to make my text messaging more efficient. Er, probably not. But I covet, oh, I covet!

1 comment:

JP said...

Thanks again for picking those up! And what a great price too! :-)