Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I think I'm over the whole Facebook phenomenon.

I have an account, as do (it seems) most people in the electronically gifted world. Checking what other people are saying seems to be almost a necessity, since ... well, I'll get to that in a moment. But as a forum? I think I'm about finished.

Lately it seems that most of what I've read is rantings of one thing or another. Personal affronts, political agenda, religious ravings. Drama, drama, drama. Seldom do I see someone encouraging another person without attempting to tear down someone else, whether it's a group or an individual.

When I first created my account, I wasn't all that thrilled with it. It seemed ... pointless. But I joined because the leader of my (then) homeschool group was supposedly using it as a way to communicate. I never got one group-related item from her. Just random "pokes" that made me say "what was the point in that?" Then more and more people found me, and it was nice hearing from old friends. Unfortunately, those old friends don't post much.

Two things happened very recently to make me realize the extent that Facebook has reached.

First, Skeeter's best friend got married. We don't live near him any more, but they talk fairly often, and they see each other when Skeeter is in town. Best Friend got married, and he "announced" it on Facebook. Skeeter is rather like me. He checks Facebook from his phone at odd moments, and he misses a lot. So he completely missed that Best Friend had gotten married. Not to even mention that the idea of marriage for this man is shocking. Skeeter had been in town, gotten a tour of Best Friend's new house, and had dinner with him. Four days before the wedding. Not one mention that he may or may not be getting married in the near future.

Second, which occurred just yesterday, I found out that my sweet Memaw was admitted to the nursing home. Through FACEBOOK. I'm feeling rather bitter about the whole thing. I am not angry about it because it's over, done, and can't be changed. Also, I know that it was an exhausting, emotional day for my mom and my aunt.

(I won't mention here that The Michael KNEW and didn't tell me. KNEW. But even he will get the benefit of the doubt, since I didn't anticipate NOT getting a phone call about it.)


As I was saying, it was quite a day for them. I found out through a Facebook post because I decided to skim before I went to bed at midnight-ish. It is not secret how I adore my Memaw. I would have appreciated a three-minute phone call to let me know so that I didn't have to find out with the rest of the world on Facebook.

Facebook can be such a great thing. My current Mom group uses it. I've used it for Bible study. I like seeing photos of my friends. But there are just some things that need a little more than a group post. I'll keep checking it a couple of times a day though, in case there are other life changes that I need to know about.