Friday, November 09, 2007

When the boys are away, the girls have a tea party

Skeeter and Spyder are off with the boy scouts tonight, camping out. I don't envy them. I'm chilly sitting here in the warm house!

So Sass and I are roughing it alone tonight, with the doggies of course. So what do little girls do when the boys are away? We have a tea party, of course! Oh, we went shopping, then we had a tea party.

As soon as we got home, Sass pulled out the little tables and set up the tea party snacks -- cookies, sweet breakfast bread, cheese and crackers. I made the tea (Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer, my favorite nighttime tea).

But best part of tea parties with Sass is chatting. She's naturally chatty anyway, but she really shines during our tea parties. This chat consisted mostly of Sass telling me about a movie that she had watched at her friend Olivia's house. And Sass kept calling it Elastic Pony.

Elastic Pony?

I had no idea what she meant. She told me everything about it, in her five-year-old way. I still had no idea. So I emailed Olivia's mom.

The verdict? The Last Unicorn. And it's correct. Sass confirmed it.

I never would have gotten that.

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Fresh Girl said...

LOL! No, I think "The Elastic Pony" would have stumped me, too. ;) Awww, but your tea party sounds lovely!