Monday, November 19, 2007

Family Daze

Skeeter took a -- much needed, well-deserved -- break today. He went in to work as usual, and at about 8 am, he decided that he just couldn't stay. He felt disoriented (not so good around heavy equipment), and he decided he would take a break for a few hours.

He came home and napped from about 8:30 to 10:30. He got up and we decided to go out for brunch. We opted for Cracker Barrel, since it was the only place either of us could think of that would serve both breakfast and lunch at 11:15. (Other than IHOP, and I detest IHOP with all of my being. It was never an option.)

Cracker Barrel was astonishingly crowded for not-quite-noon on a Monday. We had to put our name on the waiting list, so we wandered around the shop. I love the old-fashioned toys they sell. I had to convince myself I didn't need any of them. Thankfully, the wait only ended up being about 10 minutes, so I managed to get out of the toys with my wallet still unused.

After lunch, we went to the YMCA, for the urchins to swim and Skeeter to soak in the sauna. He pulled a muscle in his shoulder yesterday, so he was hoping a soak would help with the soreness.

We only stayed an hour or so, and we got back home at 2:30, in time for Skeeter to go back to work and catch up on what had happened. He felt bad for playing hooky during crunch time, but he's worked for 21 days straight, most of them 12 hour days. I figure he deserved a few hours out.

But, of course, with Skeeter home, our day was anything but normal. I have chores piling up faster than I can manage. I'm wandering in a daze because there is just so much to do. There always is, of course.

I think it might help a wee bit if I manage to go to bed before 2 am though. That may possibly have a negative effect on my energy levels. Maybe.

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