Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh, Lawzy, we're in for it

It's chilly today. It started yesterday, and last night it was below freezing, the first of the year. We haven't even turned on our heat yet. It's the end of November, and we haven't really needed it.

But after yesterday's cold snap, Spyder decided that this was appropriate wear, even inside the house.

Please note, baseball cap under hood for additional warmth.

I don't know how poor ol' Spyder is going to take it if That Company decides to send us north.


Fresh Girl said...

It sure enough IS cold! We have the heat on, but the only place it's really warm in the house is the kitchen and upstairs, though I can't get up there. MY room is like a freezer, so I know exactly how Spyder feels...I've dressed in a similar fashion myself.

Just another southern gay guy said...

Honey, if your child has resorted to wearing winter wear in the house, then yes, you do need the heater.

Andy said...

LOL Just pray you don't come up to Minnesota. We're in (light) jackets by September!