Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And again with the macabre

Spyder decided that he would wait on recreating the guillotine. Instead, he and Sass opted to work on other historical methods of execution.

First was the gallows, which I forgot to photograph. Spyder wasn't all that great at making the noose (I'm thinking maybe that's a good thing), but he did an excellent job on the gallows. Amusingly, he and Sass used a lollipop, dressed in paper "clothes" for their victim because neither of them wanted the "realism" of using one of Sass's dolls.

A bit later they decided they wanted to burn someone at the stake as well. (I think that perhaps that was merely an excuse to light a fire in the grill.)

The whole scene with the burning at the stake was so much fun, mostly because Spyder made up a great back-story about the man who had been sentenced to death.
"Mr Bane was an evil man, and few people were sorry to see him sentenced to his fate. He had murdered the Carmena family, the town's candlemakers. He murdered them all, even the children, over what Mr Bane thought was an unfair trade."
Spyder insisted that I videotape the whole thing while he narrated. He said it made him feel like someone on The History Channel. LOL!

Poor Mr Bane, destined for death:

Spyder told me today that his ideas had come from his Wicked History of the World and Horrible Histories books. I'm glad to know that. I had been wondering the reason for the current fascination.


andy said...

That's so macabre, but so fun at the same time! Did he laugh as Mr. Bane (ironic name, really lol) burned? LOL Spyder rules. lol

Noodle said...

It really was a mixture of macabre and amusement. I had a hard time not laughing while I was videotaping. Spyder didn't laugh. He was dead serious (lol) about his narration.

I thought the name was ironically amusing too. I don't know if he realized it was so apt. :)

andy said...

I just imagined a maniacal laugh. LOL Like, "mwahahahaha burn!" :-P

Fresh Girl said...

That's hilarious! And yes, probably best they not master the noose...don't want them to end up like those poor guys who used to work for the Germantown Performing Arts Center. ;)