Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm just about to rip apart our alarm system. Circuit by circuit.

The thing has been beeping all day. Not beeping in any regular sort of pattern, just intermittent beeping. All. Day.

Not that we were here all day. No, not us. If I had been here, I might have been able to deal with it. But Sass and Spyder had art class today (the last class! woohoo!!), so we were gone all afternoon. But it started beeping just before we left at noon-ish, and it was still going strong when we got back after 5.

I had thought that perhaps the locks on the storage shed weren't reattached properly, since the alarm system keeps flashing "10," the code for the shed. So I went out at 10:30 pm and reattached those locks, holding a flashlight between my teeth and freezing my hands off, with the dogs barking and howling at the strange light, disturbing the neighbors. That didn't work. I came back into the house, and I heard the beeps before I even got inside the door.

This alarm system and I are about to have a showdown, since I'll never be able to sleep with this beeping going on.

Never give up; never surrender!

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