Friday, November 16, 2007

What have I gotten myself into?

Skeeter is asleep. It's 9:45, and he's been asleep for almost an hour. That poor guy works so hard. It's physically demanding work too, not just brain-work. He has that too though.

And he was so exhausted when he got in tonight. He had to be at work at 6 am, so he got up at 4:30. He got home at 5:45.

So tonight, when he said he had to enter tickets into his Excel spreadsheet, I felt so sorry for him. At that point, it was about 7:30, and his eyes were already droopy and tired. And entering the tickets is about a two hour job. So I told him I would do it.

I'm sitting here, entering gross and tare weights on a spreadsheet. I've only been working for 30 minutes, and already I'm bored out of my mind and my eyes are hurting from looking at these numbers. I'm not as fast at this as he is either. I've probably got another two hours of work ahead.

So come on! Leave a comment! I'm here . . . . waiting for it. And I will be for a while.



PEZmama said...

Comment! Comment!

Having had enough labs in my college days to make me fairly proficient at data entry, I still found it tedious and, yes, boring.

But then, what about lab was exciting?

I hope you are done with that spreadsheet!

Candy said...

Hey just letting you know I've tagged you. Drop by and see what with.