Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm pretty sure the librarian is scared of us

The children and I made a trip to the library today. That's not unusual. We're there at least four times a week. I found out today that they don't bother calling us to let us know our holds are in. They know we'll be there.

Anyway, today we went with a real purpose -- to find a book with information on guillotines. Spyder decided this afternoon that he wanted to build one (sans blade, due to a stick-in-the-mud mother who said no).

We didn't find a thing, with the single exception of a book on the French Revolution. The librarian was rather taken aback at our search, considering that my children are 5 and 9 and they were anxious to build their own. We ended up finding much more information on the internet, but Spyder is like me with the books. A book at my fingertips is just so much more handy than running to the computer.

Our quest for materials was thwarted, since it seems that the town has had a run on craft sticks. Brown yarn was also difficult, so he let Sass pick out hot pink.

Spyder made his preliminary model out of straws tonight, and he did a decent job. Photos tomorrow. And with any luck, we'll be able to find craft sticks so he can make one that's a wee bit more realistic.


Just another southern gay guy said...

Way cute.

Andy said...

Wow, your kids are creative. :) Guillotines. lol