Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Warning: I'm feeling snarky and mean today.

With that warning, a few comments on homeschooling, based on four different conversations I had today:

1. Just because I am a homeschooler does not mean that I know all other homeschoolers. It is quite possible for two homeschooling families to live in the same city and not be familiar with one another.

2. Even if I do know another homeschooling mom, it does not necessarily follow that we are friends. We all have our own personalities and opinions.

3. It is quite insulting to wonder aloud if the homeschooled children should be at home studying rather than playing in the play area at Chick-Fil-A -- with your public-schooled children.

4. It is also quite insulting to critique a homeschooling mom on what she is teaching. I don't critique what your children are learning at school. That's your job. Leave me to mine.

5. My son likes to read because he likes to read, not because I "made him that way." That look of incredulity that I gave you? Completely justified.

6. Just because the public schools here don't teach German does not mean that it's not a valid foreign language. Some people of the world truly do speak languages other than Spanish and French.

7. I think it is quite acceptable for my children to be running errands with me at 2:30 pm on a weekday. We don't have the crowd control issue that schools have, so we get our work done in less time. Unlike regular schools, we also do work on Saturdays and during the summer. I think we're allowed to do errands.

8. I am happy to volunteer to do any number of things for your organization. I am, however, a package deal. If you ask me to volunteer, I will tell you that I am only available if my children can come along. I'm not kidding about that, and it's rude to try to convince me to find a babysitter so I can be available for you.

9. Just because "I'm home all the time" does not mean that I am available to do anything, anytime. I do have a schedule too. Don't be shocked if I tell you I'm busy.

10. And most importantly, I do not / have not / will not make assumptions or judgments based on your family's educational decisions. Please extend us the same courtesy.


Kaleigh said...

Very well-said!

I've been on similar rants because of our educational decisions (public, inner-city schools are awfully scary to a lot of white people). If your kids are thriving (which yours seem to be) and you're happy with what's going on (which you seem to be), what's the problem?

Brighton said...

The longer I teach in public schools the more I understand why so many homeschool. We waste an enormous amount of time during the day switching classes and doing other administrative bs.

PEZmama said...

Oh man. I am so sorry that happened. I hope you have a better day today! (AND Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get back here before then.)

TulipGirl said...