Thursday, November 22, 2007

Black Friday

I've never quite understood the lure of Black Friday.

I understand wanting to take advantage of the great sales. I love a good sale. I really do.

However, I do not enjoy getting up at "the butt-crack of dawn" (to borrow a phrase from my sister). I especially do not enjoy getting up that early to go outside and wait in the cold with a bunch of people who would inflict bodily harm to get their hands on that insert desired item here, which is (of course) only available in limited quantities, no rain checks.

My employer has always opened at the usual hour, around 9 am, a perfectly respectable hour to open for business. During my years in the mall store, I saw many of those people, the ones who do get up in the middle of the night for a bargain. And sometimes they're scary.

And we all know isn't really morning except in the most literal sense. It's really still the middle of the night. Quit pretending.

My sister did the Black Friday madness this morning, to get a camera for my mom -- a nice Kodak, 7 megapixel, 10x zoom -- for $150. She said this year wasn't as bad as previous ones.

Personally, I participated in my usual stay-at-home-avoiding-the crowds-day.


JP said...

There were at least three stores opening at 4 AM yesterday. I scanned the ads, found two things I wanted to get, and bought them online. Because, really, is anything worth losing several hours' sleep over? (Not in my book!)

I predict that within a few years, we will see Black Friday sales starting at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

TulipGirl said...

Crowds and malls and shopping stress me out--on normal days.

Black Friday? Not my idea of fun.

Lemme just say, it took no effort at all to participate in Buy Nothing Day.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Yes! Buy Nothing Day is so much less stressful.

andy said...

I hope Mom doesn't read your blog. :-P