Monday, November 12, 2007

The Coming Christmas Season

I'm late this year. I'm usually done with my Christmas shopping and planning by October 31. But with my dad's troubles, my September didn't go quite as planned.

Luckily, we only do minimal Christmas gifts -- three for each of us -- and Santa only brings stockings.

I already have everything picked out for the children; just working on purchasing.

For Spyder:

Legends of Magic set
Subscription to a magic club
Magician's cloak (handmade)

For Sass:

Monogrammed ballerina-themed purse
Tea with Me Belle
Princess cloak (handmade)

Spyder's stocking gifts will be How to Be the Best at Everything and a Klutz Coin Magic book. Sass's stocking gift will be a Find It game. And of course, they'll both get socks and toothbrushes and candy.

I always ask the children to give me a list of seven items that they'd like as gifts. They know that we only do three, but I usually pass the others along to various family members. This year, Spyder asked for the magic club subscription and the Legends of Magic set. Tonight he came to me and apologized for not having any other suggestions.

Sass asked for the Belle doll. I feel like such a sellout for buying it for her, but it was the only thing she asked to put on her list. And today she asked me if she could do chores to earn it. So obviously, it's important to her. But I still feel like I'm selling out.

As of tonight, I have everything for them either ordered or in hand, with the exception of the cloaks.

Now, to get started on gifts for everyone else!


Candy said...

I'm sorry, I attempted to read your post but couldn't get past the rage I felt at the words "I'm late this year. I'm usually done with my Christmas shopping..."

You're one of "those" people, then?

I don't think we can be friends anymore. :)

Noodle said...

CANDY: LOL! I have to be that organized for Christmas. As it is, I have loads of those little things that come up and I end up running around like mad anyway.

But I'll share a little secret -- I hate shopping at Christmas. Hate, detest, loathe it. That's why I do it early -- so I don't have to go out and deal with all of it!