Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today wasn't low-anything

Low-carb, low-fat, low-GI. Not here, not today.

It's chilly again, so that means corn and potato chowder for me. It's my favorite "chilly day" meal.

Last week, I taught Sass how to peel potatoes, so she was thrilled to use her newly acquired skill. Spyder has never been interested in learning how, but when he saw Sass today, he had her teach him.

Between the two of them, they peeled about six pounds of potatoes. Yes, that's right. Six pounds. Um, considerably more than I needed for the chowder. I doubled the recipe for the chowder, but I still had quite a few more than I needed. Since I had extra already-peeled potatoes, I decided to make mashed potatoes too. Spyder loves them, and I certainly didn't want his work to go to waste.

I had also already started making Chicken Tetrazzini because Skeeter doesn't like the chowder, so I had the pasta on to boil.

When I looked at the stove, I realized that I had three saucepans full of either potatoes or pasta. Not good. Not good at all. I do put broccoli in my Tetrazzini, and I did have a spinach salad with dinner, but I think tomorrow we'll all need to stay away from the starchy foods.

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Southern Girl said...

Now, what is your address exactly? And do you have leftovers? ;) That menu is right up my alley!