Saturday, November 24, 2007


My Arkansas Razorbacks won in a great, triple overtime game! Oh, joy! It's about time!

And we beat LSU -- ranked #1! My pastor is an LSU fan, so I, being the sensitive soul that I am, sent him a GO HOGS! text message. :)


Fresh Girl said...

How very Christian of you. ;) My sweet late pastor Adrian Rogers was a Florida Gators fan...I tried very hard not to hold it against him. hee!

I was glad to see the Razorbacks win yesterday -- great game!

PEZmama said...

The pastor of our (southern Ohio) church is from Michigan. He endures endless practical jokes at the hands of his church members... especially this year with Michigan's terrible record.

My husband was cheering on the razorbacks too... as an LSU loss would move the Buckeyes up in the standings. He's still hoping the Bucks will make it to the championship game.

Unrelated: I'm in chapter 5 of "Emma."