Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Brother is alive and well, and he works at Overstock

Now let me tell you, I love Overstock. Very competitive prices on almost everything, and $2.95 flat rate shipping. Can't beat it.

Earlier tonight I ordered a shower chair for my dad. It's what he requested for Christmas. I can't help but think, "It's a SHOWER CHAIR. For CHRISTMAS!" but hey, it's what he wanted.

Just before that, I had logged into my Facebook account. I don't log in very often, but someone had asked me a question about Facebook, and I had to log in to answer. And I did a quiz about Grease. Scored 80%. It's been a while since I watched it.

When I left Facebook, I didn't log out. I closed the tab instead. And as I completed my checkout at Overstock, a little box popped up at the bottom that said, "Sending your shower chair purchase to your Facebook stories!"

Uh, wha . . . . . ??

Why in the world would I want to share my purchases on my Facebook account? Why? Especially with Christmas coming up? There's really no danger of my dad seeing his shower chair, since he's never even heard of Facebook. But what if I was buying a gift for someone who did have an account and was one of my Facebook friends (or whatever they're called)? Ooooh, Overstock, thanks for letting Friend know what I bought! ::exaggerated, sarcastic wink::

And that doesn't even touch the heart of the matter. Does Overstock really and truly think I want to announce all of my purchases to the world? Would anyone? And if I did, shouldn't it be my choice -- a conscious decision, not some automatic application that I didn't ask for? How dare they make that decision for me! Privacy policy, anyone?

I did get back to Facebook, and I did manage to figure out how to delete that "story." (Although, really, why should I have bothered, since I'm airing it all here.) But I should never have needed to delete it from Facebook in the first place.

I am absolutely livid right now, two hours after it happened. Overstock will get an extremely un-nice email from me tonight. And possibly a phone call tomorrow.

Welcome to Big Brother's version of caveat emptor.


kristabella said...

This is why I boycott Facebook and MySpace.

I just don't get it.

PEZmama said...

Odd, indeed. It scares me how much "they" know about what we do on the internet... not because I do anything I need to hide, but because I couldn't even if I wanted to.

Let us know how the folks at Facebook respond.

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, that would have ticked me off, too! That's almost enough to make me want to delete my Facebook account. I never use it -- I got it to keep up with one friend, but I never do much of anything with mine. I really don't get the appeal of Facebook at all, but that they'd be so intrusive... Ack!

Whatalotofstuff said...

Agreed. That is frightening and utterly RIDICULOUS. I have an account on neither and never plan to open one. I worry about the implications for stalkers, among other things, with these accounts..