Friday, November 02, 2007

The park

Sass, Spyder, and I walked to the park this afternoon. They've been revamping the park for a while, since the new library is being built right beside it. We haven't been over there for a while, and when we went today -- WOW! -- so much had changed!

It was nice before, but they've made it just beautiful!

The library is scheduled to open in mid-December, with the grand opening at the beginning of January.

The city has put six different exercise machines around the perimeter of the lake! How cool is that?!? The children and I had a blast with those. There is also a little walking trail around the pond and a guide to tell you how far you've gone. Twenty laps is 5.5 miles.

They've redone the waterfall that feeds the pond.

The geese are multiplying like mad! Spyder was telling Sass all about the geese.

It was an excellent day.

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