Sunday, January 07, 2007

My church

I absolutely love going to church. Not just going to church to see everyone, but going to sit and listen to the sermons and spend uninterrupted, focused time in prayer.

If time travel was actually possible and my younger self could see that paragraph, she would faint from shock.

When I was younger, I enjoyed going to church for the activities (and occasionally for the sermon). Now, as an adult, I'm eager to get to Sunday morning service every week just so that I can hear the sermon. I always come away with a deeper knowledge and a passion for the Lord's Word. There could be any number of reasons why I like church so much more as an adult, but I'm sure the main reason is because I'm more mature in my faith.

Unlike my younger self, I spend time reading my Bible every day. I spend time in prayer every day, and I seek out Christian writers, even if it's just for fun (like Dave Meurer). Tonight when I left the church, I put in a CD of a sermon from our last revival. The old me would never have considered doing that!

I am so grateful to attend such a loving church where the pastor and the people encourage me to grow in my faith.

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