Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two miles!

Woohoo! I've officially moved up to 2 miles for my walking video!

Tonight I actually did 2.5 miles, and I really could have gone further, but it was 9:30, and I had to finish up a few things before we could get settled for the night. I did the two miles on Sunday as well, but I completely skipped yesterday. Bad me! It wasn't intentional, but just due to bad scheduling.

I never would have believed it possible, but I actually enjoy -- and look forward to -- my walking. Now that the first mile has gotten easy, it's even more enjoyable.

The bad thing about working out? I'm not a person who sweats a lot, but my face gets extremely red when I get hot. And it stays flushed for about two hours afterward, so I have to do it at a time when I don't have to go out anywhere when I'm finished!

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