Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beginning the new year

If how you spend New Year's Day is indicative of how your year will be spent, then I'll be a happy woman this year.

In fact, the whole New Year's weekend was good.

Saturday was spent around the house -- cleaning, laundry, playing with the dogs. It was pleasant, and relatively typical of a Saturday when we don't have outside commitments. It was very rainy, so we were all perfectly happy to stay inside.

We went on Sunday to retrieve my car, and so far all seems to be in working order! We didn't stay at my parents house very long. My sister and her boyfriend had just left to go home. They had been there for over a week, and Mom and Dad were pleased to have the house to themselves again. Dad gets tired very easily these days, and I wanted him to be able to rest well.

We got back home around 5 pm, and we spent the evening playing card games and board games. That was generally how we rang in the new year when I was growing up, and I was perfectly happy to start that tradition in my own home.

On New Year's Day we decided to see a movie at a little local theatre, and I left for work not long after we got back home from the movie. I haven't worked in three weeks, so I was even happy to go in. Even the manager commented that I looked "refreshed." :o)

All in all, a very satisfactory way to start the new year!

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