Monday, January 08, 2007

Operation Red Jericho

Book #2 for the year. I finished Joshua Mowll's Operation Red Jericho last night! This was a book that Spyder found at the bookstore, but he's been interested in something else, so I read it. :o)

Set in the 1920s, the book centers around Becca and Doug, two young teens whose parents disappeared a few months before while on an expedition in China. Since then, the two have been shuttled between relatives. The siblings aren't all that good at following rules, and Doug in particular is quite mischevious, which usually leads to trouble.

This book is the first in a trilogy, and while the writing is sometimes flat, the book design is absolutely fantastic. The design alone will appeal to reluctant readers. It is presented as a set of papers that were inherited by the author. The book filled with schematics, newspaper clippings, photos, maps, Doug's sketches, and Becca's diary entries.

Recommended to readers who love the adventure genre, as well as to those who like books that are more "interactive."

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