Monday, November 13, 2006

Dave Meurer

Who is Dave Meurer?

He's a Christian humor writer that, truthfully, was probably the person who convinced Skeeter that being a Christian isn't necessarily boring. If you haven't read his books before, I highly recommend them. Some of his earlier books are out of print, but they're still available pretty cheaply through Amazon.

I gave Skeeter the latest book, Mistake It Like A Man, for his birthday, and we've both been reading it off and on. One particularly bit seems to have been written just for us:

While men enjoy normal movies involving submaries and explosions and daring
rescues, women prefer movies that involve British actors and shrubbery and
agonizingly slow plots. And they want you to watch these movies with
them. The only benefit to these movies is that your spouse will be all
weepy and emotional and want to be hugged. This can lead to a romantic
interlude, as long as you can avoid slipping into a shrubbery-induced coma
before the movie's over.

Oh yes, we are one of those couples. I bought Pride and Prejudice recently, and the first thing that Skeeter said was, "You don't have to wait for me to watch that." Oh really. How surprising.

We have, however, embraced these differences, along with the new terminology -- Shrubbery Movies. We watched The Constant Gardener this weekend, and about 20 minutes into it, Skeeter said, "I thought this was supposed to be a spy movie. As far as I'm concerned this is just another Shrubbery one."

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