Friday, January 19, 2007

Mama, I'm excited about my bounce party

Sass's birthday is coming, and we've decided to have her birthday party at one of those indoor jump places. We went to a party there in the fall, and everyone had a blast. My children weren't even feeling so great -- allergies, in case you might think that I take sick children to birthday parties :o) -- and even they had a fantastic time.

With Sass's birthday in January, the weather is always fickle. She's a run around type of party girl. She'd want her party to be outside if we had it at home, and January isn't exactly good for outside parties. This year I decided that we'd have it elsewhere, where we could invite more people and "play big." I asked her if she wanted that, and she was indifferent, but when we went to pay for our reservation, she was thrilled. Beyond thrilled. Ecstatic!

That was three days ago, and she hadn't mentioned anything about her party. She requires a birthday countdown on the calendar though, and she's talked about being 5 almost nonstop.

Last night she was just drifting off to sleep, and she said in her sleepy little voice, "Mama. I'm excited about my bounce party."

Those gentle little moments are what makes mommyhood so precious to me.

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