Thursday, January 11, 2007


I'm very seldom confused about how I feel when I see a movie. I usually have very definite feelings one way or another. But Idiocracy definitely gives me one of those confusion moments.

Essentially, Average Joe and Average Rita are put in stasis chambers to be reawoken in a year. Not long after they are put into the hibernation mode, the project is shut down. They don't wake until 500 years later, only to find that the America has dumbed itself to the point that they are the smartest people alive.

I absolutely love the premise of the movie! Skeeter and I have discussions about this very idea quite a lot. Sometimes I'm shocked and horrified at some of the things that I see on television or read in the newspaper, or even things that I see when we're out and about. Sometimes it seems that we Americans expect to be told what to do at every turn, leaving us without any real need to make our own decisions. This movie points out all of that and more.

But as much as I liked the overall premise, the movie was a little too "over the top" for me to really like it as a whole. The "stupid" characters just got on my nerves! Maybe they were supposed to, but I found myself actually cringing when I saw certain characters come onto the screen.

Recommended only for people who can look past the stupid humor and mourn the death of Common Sense.

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JP said...

LOL. I read the blurb on it when I was looking at your Netflix queue and I couldn't quite decide if it was someting I wanted to see or not. Kind of like "Jaywalking" on The Tonight Show. It's funny, but pathetically sad at the same time. :-)