Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh woe is my car!

Again with the car troubles!

The urchins and I had finished our errands and had run back home for a moment. It was on the way, and Sass wanted more chocolate milk, so I ran in to make some. When I got back to the car (less than 2 minutes), nothing. Not even the "rrr . . . rrr . . . rrr" from before. Just a little "click" then nothing.


Well, we're skipping homeschool playgroup today. What are we doing instead?

  • I'm cleaning out my plastic containers. My container of containers is overflowing, and I'm organizing sets and tossing the rest.
  • Sass is cleaning the fridge. (Yes, she really is -- and it was her idea!)
  • Spyder is drawing. Art class yesterday inspired him.
I suppose it's a good day anyway.

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