Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Big Fat Mistake

The film My Big Fat Greek Wedding always reminds me of my friend Christie.

Christie was an author, and she wrote a wonderful series of books with Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha that are part of the Sears Children's Library series. The last time that we spent any significant amount of time together, we had a fun morning making smoothies to experiment with the recipe that was eventually included in her book, Eat Healthy, Feel Great. We had a fantastic time puttering around in the kitchen trying out different smoothie combinations with various fruits and juices.

She also taught me the proper way to peel and pit an avocado that day, since we had turkey and avocado sandwiches when we stopped for lunch.

She and her husband were planning to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding that night, and she was incredibly excited about being able to have a date night with him. When I talked to her a few days later, she raved and raved over the movie. Skeeter and I never got to see it when it was at the theatre though, and Christie had said, "It was so fantastic! I'll buy the movie for you when it comes out!"

We ran into each other a few times, and we saw each other at a few playdates. But, as happens all too often, that day in her kitchen was the last time that we really spent time together as friends.

A few months after that day in her kitchen, Christie died in a car accident while driving her children home from school. The school is less than a mile from her house, and she was rear-ended while in the turn lane. Her two children in the back seat were able to come away with minor injuries, but Christie died from her injuries. She was also about 6 months pregnant, and the baby died as well.

Too many times I forget to make time to spend with my friends, for no other reason than to simply be with them -- not a playdate, not an organized activity -- just enjoying one another's company. I find that happens with most of the women that I know. We are so caught up in caring for our families that we don't take time to do something that we want to do (and enjoy) just because.

A few months after Christie's death, I saw the DVD for My Big Fat Greek Wedding in Target. I stopped in the aisle and sobbed, those horribly unpretty, attention-grabbing sobs. I cried for her death, her family's loss, and my own failure to spend time with her when I could have.

It was weeks before I could watch the movie, but now it's part of my permanent collection. I don't watch it very often, but every time I pull it out, I'm reminded that life is fleeting, and letting someone know that you care isn't necessarily something that can wait.

Send an email. Make a phone call. Write a letter.

Do it while you can.

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JP said...

(sniff) Well, that does it. I'm calling you today. Just so you know. :-)