Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween means bat brownies at our house. This year we made (and consumed) them a little earlier than usual, so we had none left for Halloween.

Obviously, we had to make more. After a short trip to the library's Halloween fest, we spent some time mixing, baking, and cutting out the brownies. This year I picked up extra cookie cutters, so in addition to the bat brownies, we had ghost brownies and pumpkin brownies.

The first batch of brownies had been decorated as usual, but this year we decided to forgo the decorating. The urchins and I really aren't all that crazy about the taste of the frosting, and really, we knew there would just be a lot of this

And this.

That would just lead to this.

So why bother with all that pesky decorating? :)



smalltownmom said...

Oh, those look sooooo good.

Vanessa said...

Exactly! All the decorating just leads to delay of enjoying the brownies.

PEZmama said...

I bet the pumpkin brownies tasted the best, being bigger than the others...

Yum. said...

I'm so hungry! Those brownies look so good too! Yum!