Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up

The week started off on the go, but after a few changes it ended up being a good week after all.

Monday -- Game Day with the homeschool peeps. Always fun.

Tuesday -- Toured the Botanic Gardens and participated in the Native American crafts class. The same day, I decided (well, really we all decided) that we've been going and doing too much.

Wednesday -- Stayed at home, sweet, home. The urchins worked a bit on their leaf collections. Mostly they just enjoyed being at home with the dogs and each other. They created several games that included lots of running and jumping.

Thursday -- Again, home! Yay! It rained all day, so we spent the day inside: reading books, doing various activity pages, baking brownies. Spyder created a spelling game for Sass, and they played that for almost an hour. We also had an excellent discussion on the stock market. That evening we saw Journey to the Center of the Earth at the bargain theater.

Friday -- Skeeter took his licensing exam, and we drove him to the university so he wouldn't have to worry about parking. That meant leaving home at 6:30 am. Yawn! The urchins and I made it back home around 8 am and stayed at home until time to get Skeeter at 5 pm. We had originally thought it would be nice to go to the children's museum an hour or so before time to get Skeeter from the university, but no one really seemed interested when it was time to go.

The stay at home days were lovely. I think everyone enjoyed having time to de-stress after all of the running over the last few weeks. We had plenty of time to do our work, plus extra time for the urchins to play freely. And there was even time for me to do those kooky things like pay the bills and do the laundry and play with my children.

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Gist Academy said...

Sounds like a good week!

I wish it would rain here, so we can have a fun indoor day like that :)

Anonymous said...

I like days at home to, with no where to go.:)
Sounds like an wonderful week

Kris said...

So, what'd ya think about the movie? My oldest is wanting to see it and I think it's at the second run theater here.

I love those stay at home days...especially when there haven't been many of them for awhile.

Vanessa said...

Sometimes those stay at home days are the best days ever! When will skeeter find out his result of his exam? Hopefully not too long.

Jennifer said...

I hate going anywhere anymore. It sounds like y'all had a good week at home!