Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back in

Because I am attempting to get back in the habit of actually posting something every day. Or almost every day. Whatever.

Here are a few good things I wanted to share:

Top 10 Gifts for Christmas from the Bevans Family. Don't tell, but I am SO getting #10 for my sister. Or Jason. I haven't decided which yet.

Just Living Life is a (relatively) new money saving blog. Skim down a few posts and you'll find a ton of free samples. I am all about getting stuff in the mail!

Brighton is now Princess Runs With Scissors. I would love to be a student in her class!

Julie and I are the same sort of curmudgeonly. Literally.

A good read from on childhood memories.

Susan gave me the biggest laugh of the night -- the seniors v. the seniors, indeed.


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Susan said...

Oh, I wished that I had used that title instead! That is funny!