Sunday, November 02, 2008

My, how things have changed

We don't really watch television. Other than the news shows, of course, which apparently feature boring guys.

We've had issues with television in the past, but no more. We watch movies, and the urchins watch some shows that Skeeter records on PBS, but we don't turn on the set to watch "live" television.

I don't really think about it much any more because it's just one of those things we do.

This weekend, we had a rare exception. Sass and I went to a Halloween carnival at the library for a couple of hours. Spyder choose to stay home because he was playing a Nancy Drew game. When Sass and I returned, Skeeter and Spyder were watching some sort of non-scary Halloween movie on television. Sass sat down and watched it with them. Apparently it hadn't been on too long because she didn't have any trouble following the plot or knowing the characters.

This morning, Sass asked if she could watch the beginning of the movie because she had missed it. I explained to her that she couldn't watch it again because it was just on television when she saw it. We hadn't rented it or recorded it. She just happened to have the television on and saw it when it was broadcast.

She was incredulous. It took a few minutes to convince her that truly we didn't have any way for her to watch the beginning of the movie. I knew that I had finally gotten through to her when she replied, "You mean that other people were watching that movie too? In their houses? At the same time that we were?"

And to think, I used to write on the calendar when the Charlie Brown specials would be shown so that I would be certain not to miss them.



JP said...

LOL Sophia and I have had similar conversations about CD vs radio.

Vanessa said...

I love those Charlie Brown specials! Perhaps that little Sass is cut out to be a Nielson rater? That would require a lot of TV though!

smalltownmom said...

I am outnumbered in our house. The 3 "men" seem to control our TV watching...lots of cable channels, but no regular series. Except I have discovered Pushing Daisies, which I love. I wish I had TIVO.

Thank goodness for DVDs. Because I watched the Great Pumpkin special on Halloween night!

Susan said...

Oh funny. We have TIVO and use it to monitor our tv watching, but I find that when the radio is on in the car, I often want to "rewind" it so I can hear what they said again. So weird.

Kris said...

LOL That's funny. I wish I could say the same for us. There's way too much TV watching at our house.