Thursday, October 02, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year

Ah, fall. How I love thee.

It is so lovely outside this time of year. In summer the heat is just too intense for us to be outside for long periods, so we retreat indoors. But when the temperatures move back into a comfortable zone, the urchins and I spend most of the day outside.

And in keeping with our seasonally inappropriate behavior, we built a sandbox on Friday, just a few days after the official end of the summer season.

Loving. It.

Because I am lazy resourceful, I didn't use wood. I used garden edging that was serrated and easy to hammer into the ground. Even before we had gotten all of the sand in the children were having a blast.

Sass has been using it most though, building sand castles mostly, but occasionally burying one of her stuffed animals. (Good thing he is machine washable.)

And just for fun, Miss Lucinda the Escaping Dog keeping watch while Sass plays in the sandbox.

Seasonally inappropriate? Yes. But completely wonderful for us.



Mrs. C said...

Looks great!! The poor bear, though!

My Goodness said...

Seasonally inappropriate?? Not when you live HERE!! I'm just now ready to buy an outside swing to sit on. The kids have played more outside in the past few days than the whole summer put's just too stinkin' hot here!!

SO you go with your sandbox...I'm going to get a swing...eventually!!

Just another southern gay guy said...

. . . remember to watch for pin worms and itchy butts . . . .