Saturday, January 05, 2008


Remember those things I mentioned? Those non-resolutions for 2008?

#1 has gotten of to a stellar beginning. Stellar, I say, as I have misplaced my tennis shoes! And unless I want to get on the treadmill in my oh-so-cute-and-comfy-but-non-athletic Rocket Dogs, it's going to wait a bit longer.

On a better note, I completely amazed Spyder yesterday in having enough cash on hand to pay for our drinks at the Sonic. When I pulled into the spot -- the only one available because happy hour? It's hoppin' -- Spyder saw the sign over the speaker "Credit card machine is out of order in this space."

"MOM! We're going to have to move!"

"No, hon. We're not."

"But you can't use your debit card."

"Today I've got cash."

(silence) "Really?"

Oh, Spyder of little faith.

Yes, I can now be proud that I have (at minimum) $3.77 on me. In cash. And I had change left over. Yes, indeedy.

Take that, things!

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