Tuesday, January 01, 2008

8 Things for 2008

Shamelessly lifted from Kaleigh at The Musings of Yet Another Working Mom.

1. Go to the Y twice a week, just for me. We've been pretty good about using our Y membership for the pool, mostly because Sass intends to grow gills and become a fish. I haven't been good about going for ME and using the exercise equipment.

2. Use cash. I've gotten so bad about using the debit card for everything that I seldom have even $1 in my wallet. Using cash to pay for things is a tactile, real-life learning experience that I believe my children need. I've taken both the debit card and the checkbook out of my purse to help with that.

3. Take advantage of the activities nearby. We have loads of things here in town, but some of them we've done to the point of boredom. When Spyder was little, it was nothing for me to make a day trip with him somewhere. Once Sass came along, it became a bit more difficult. Several things contributed to that, but it allowed me to get out of the habit. There are loads of great places within a 3-hour drive -- easily a day trip -- and both children are fine with long car rides. The actually enjoy them because we always listen to an audio book or a Jim Weiss recording (our favorite!).

4. Keep track of my reading. I read quite a lot, but I'm not very good at keeping up with *what* I read. I can remember if I've read a certain book when asked, but I have a hard time at keeping the list in my head.

5. Make our diet involve more organic and basic foods. I've already done quite a lot of this one. We keep very few processed foods in the pantry. I've cut HFCS out almost entirely. It sneaks in occasionally because I don't think to check the label, but it's mostly gone. All of our dairy and coffee is organic and many of our fruits and vegetables are as well. Going further will require a trip across town to the whole foods market, which is a big fat pain, but I think it's time.

6. Buy local fruits and vegetables. Again, I've done a bit on this, but I could do more and haven't, mostly because I don't want to drive so far. You'd think that I'd be able to find a bit more in my suburban area, but it's been difficult.

7. Cut out the fluff and live in the moment. There is so much that I do -- and feel I must do -- that's just not important. Some days I feel as if I'm just going through the motions to get through until tomorrow, and that's simply not good enough.

8. Show my friends and family that they are important to me. I'm not good at telling people how much they matter. I never have been. But it can never be done too much. My dad's poor health and extended hospital stay made me realize that all over again.

I've been reading the same theme in many blogs -- 2007 wasn't such a great year. I'd have to agree. Here's hoping that the next year is much better!


Kaleigh said...

Good ones! The eating local part is very hard, especially off season. But the Saturday downtown farmers' market wouldn't be much of a hike for ya'll, and it starts in April (which is amazingly soon). And with homeschooling, you have the flexibility to go berry picking/peach picking in Millington. I can't promise it's organic (most likely it's not) but it's local, which sometimes means more to me.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Good resolutions! I've successfully cut out the hydrogenated oils from our diets (for the most part) and HFCS is the next challenge. Aiee.