Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not sure I would have stopped to Google that

I love Home-Ec 101. Yes indeedy. It's one of my faithful reads, just because it's so full of great tips and information.

Seriously. The cookie-a-day thing they had going on in December. My taste buds were thankful. My hips? Not so much.

Today's post? Not helpful, but so funny I'm glad I use a saucer for my coffee. Go check out their latest post on the search queries that led people to their site. Note especially that last bullet point.

Um, yeah.

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Vanessa said...

How funny! The best way to get rid of my mother is to tell her I'm cooking. Despite having been asked several times by friends to provide catering services for special occasions, bringing treats and homemade goodies including from scratch pumpkin cheesecake, she still doesn't believe I can cook!