Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So, my little Sassafrass is now 6

It was a small birthday celebration, just family, but I think she enjoyed it all the same. After all, it was a day that was All About Her. (She prefers every day to be that way.)

In honor of my girl at her sixth birthday, six things I love about my Sass:
  1. Her singing. If my girl is content, she's singing. I love to hear it because I know she's happy.
  2. Her willingness to help. She is always the one who wants to help me, whether it's cooking dinner or picking up trash in the yard.
  3. Her caring nature. My Sass is quite the diva. No mistake about that. But she truly does care about how others are treated, and she sticks up for her friends.
  4. Her creativity. Sass is quite the budding artist. Something sparked in the last year, and I'm amazed at how her artistic skills have grown.
  5. Her enthusiasm. Once Sass gets an idea, she throws herself into it completely. I love to see her so excited and enthusiastic.
  6. Her love. What can I say? She's my best girl. I love her beyond measure, and it's a joy to know that she returns the feeling.


Vanessa said...

Happiest Birthday to Sass! She sounds wonderful, spirited and spunky.

JP said...

Hmmm... I wonder where she gets that singing thing from.


Fresh Girl said...

Awww, tell her Happy belated Birthday for me! (maybe you'll get to explain what "belated" means. *g*)

My Goodness said...

So sweet!! Happy Belated to your daughter!!