Thursday, January 24, 2008

Raising them to appreciate the finer things in life

We got the first disc in the mail today from Netflix. I had told them yesterday that I had put it as #1 in our queue, mentioning how much I liked it when I was little. Once we got past the initial snarky comments from Spyder during the opening credits -- "Oooh, Mom! I can see why you loved this. Those special effects are awesome!" (snort) -- we watched the whole thing.

It is some seriously cheezy stuff. But fun. Definitely fun, even when you're making fun of the effects and acting and story line while throwing Cheerios at the screen.


PEZmama said...

Oh no! I never liked that show. It always scared me.

Must've been those realistic special effects...

Fresh Girl said...

Oh gosh, I remember that show! But I'd forgotten how incredibly lame the special effects were. They must have seemed just amazing way back then. *g*