Saturday, January 05, 2008

A fine and pleasant evening

Skeeter worked today, and the children and I spent the day at home. No errands, no must-dos. It was lovely.

I made pizza for lunch, slightly different than usual because Kroger was out of yeast when I stopped in last night to get the must-haves for today. (I was amazed at this. How can a grocery store be out of yeast?!)

I love Google. I was able to find a non-yeast recipe right away, and I gave that a try. The verdict? I like the yeast better, but this was certainly a heckuvalot quicker. I'll use this again, I'm certain.

After the pizza came out of the oven, the urchins and I sat down to a mega-game of Monopoly. We usually have to start out with a time limit because there's something to do, but not today. We played for about 3 hours before Skeeter got home and we abandoned the game, declaring Spyder the winner because he had far more cash than Sass or me.

Skeeter missed out on the lunch pizza, so I made another for dinner, just for him. Sass and Spyder had spaghetti instead. What can I say? We were feeling the Italian vibes today.

The evening went the same way. Earlier in the day, we had discussed going to the bargain movie theatre. No one was particularly eager to go once night had fallen, so we scrapped that idea and stayed home to play games instead.

We played our own version of Encore, where each person gets to give a word and the rest of us have to come up with (and sing!) part of a song that contains that word. We played two different trivia games. We played Scooby Doo on the GameCube.

It was the best family night we've had in a long time.


My Goodness said...

Encore...sounds fun, I need to look into getting that game. We love games...and family nights.

Glad you had a great one!!

Susan said...

I love these kinds of days, were everything just seems rosy. They happen less and less as the kids get older, don't they? I'm glad you got to have one!