Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The rest of the story

When I was writing my previous post, I was sitting on the floor of the hotel room using my sister's computer and listening to my children and their cousins playing in the little gathering area outside of our room. I think that it was determined that I should be finished whether I truly was or not. I was happily typing away when all of a sudden I got the "your blog has successfully published" message. I suppose it's lucky that I was at the end of a sentence when it happened.

So, picking up where we left off . . .

Lisa, Jason, and I went shopping. Jason said, "I'll leave you off here. I'm going to the Black & Decker store." So Lisa and I went to a variety of places and ended up spending loads of time at Old Navy. I found loads of things for the children and Skeeter. Lisa and Sass got identical pairs of shoes, which Sass thought was just wonderful. Skeeter got a number of shirts and boxer shorts. I bought myself a new pair of tennis shoes at a different store because, well, my old ones were looking old.

But my favorite purchase is THESE:

These were bought the following day, when Skeeter and I had gone back to the outlet mall. I wasn't even really looking for shoes for myself on that trip. Skeeter wanted tennis shoes, so we had gone for him. I went wandering, and I just fell in love with these! I've been told by just about everyone that they're amazingly ugly. But hey, you just go on thinking they're ugly. They're comfortable and I like them. I have a feeling I'll be wearing them quite a lot.

After I bought them, I was told by my sister and my 15-year-old cousin that they're a popular brand at the moment, which I think it quite a riot. I'm never "in fashion."

For being in a place known for stuff to do and see, we did surprisingly little. In fact, the only place we went was the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. We're already talking about going back though.

The children spent this morning in the pool, for as long as they possibly could. We finally got on the road around 11 am today, and we got back home around 6 pm.

Everyone is tired and pleased to be home, but it was a lovely vacation!


JP said...

Oooh, girl, they are some LOUD shoes! But if you like them that's all that matters. So what brand are they? Vans?

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I don't think that they're all that bad. :)