Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wherein I once again astound my daughter

(at bedtime, discussing the day)

ME: So, what was your favorite part of today?

SASS: Going to Olivia's house to play. That was good.

ME: That was fun, wasn't it? We need to do that more often.

SASS: Why do you like going to Olivia's house? You don't run around and play like we do.

ME: Oh, I like talking to Mrs Brenda. She's my friend, just like Olivia is your friend.

SASS: (gasp!) You mean grown ups have friends too? I didn't know that!

ME: Well of course! I've been friends with The Michael since I was 12. And I've been friends with Michael Ann since I was 6!

SASS: You mean one day Olivia and I will be old too?! Wow!

ME: Oh girl. You do know how to make a mama feel good.


Vanessa said...

LOL out of the mouths of babes!

Fresh Girl said...

LOL! I'll be glad when Thomas is older and talking, so he can say cute stuff like that. *g*