Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Crisis averted -- darn!

Remember that Blackberry I was convincing Skeeter I needed? Almost . . . almost!

Yesterday I dropped my cell phone in the dishwater. It landed in a saucepan, so it wasn't completely submerged, only the ear part. The person on the other end (Brenda, who is recovering from her nasty sinus infection) could hear me just fine, but I could only hear {crackle . . . . crackle}.

This is a serious issue, as we no longer have a home phone. The squirrels kept chewing through the line, and the phone company decided that they didn't like coming out to repair it. They repaired it four times, but the fifth (and last) time that I called, they told me I'd have to pay for the repair. As if I had an army of trained squirrels at my disposal, hell-bent on destroying my phone line. So I told them to forget it, and we've been using our cell phones only ever since.

At last! My chance to convince Skeeter that I needed a new phone! It's a necessity! Why not go ahead and get a Blackberry? (batting eyelashes)

Alas, not to be! The phone dried out nicely, and it's working as well as ever.



Dawn said...

Electronics are surprisingly forgiving of water when they get chance to dry out. Too bad, eh? :)

Whatalotofstuff said...

AHHH!! Foiled! Good try, though!

Dana said...

Aaw...I wish that had worked for our cell phone after my two year old decided it needed a bath.

Principled Discovery

Noodle said...

DAWN: Annoyingly forgiving. Annoyingly.

WHATALOT: I'm debating on having an accidentally-on-purpose drop into something less forgiving. The toilet?

DANA: Hmmm. That's an idea. I should borrow a two year old.

My Goodness said...

Aw man! Sorry you didn't get the new gadget. I wish I had only dropped my phone partially in the dishwasher...my splooshed into the toilet!! It's on my blog...in October 07 if you're interested. I miss my little phone, sniff, sniff.