Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just what I wanted

It has been a low-key kind of day. I've unpacked and put away most of the gifty things. I heated left over enchiladas and made Mexican rice for lunch. No one has wanted dinner yet, so I'll put out a fruit and veggie tray and make toasted cheese sandwiches as people want them.

Spyder reminded me today that I forgot to put his crystal mining kit in his stocking (I did -- completely), so we dug it out of the gift closet. He spent a happy couple of hours mining the crystals and making a dusty mess on the coffee table.

Sass and I played My Little Pony, and she and Skeeter had a tea party with all of her stuffed animals. It was quite funny, since she insisted that they both dress up for it. Skeeter was quite a sight with all of the bows in his hair.

The big excursion today was to the bread store. I finally remembered to ask if they had throw-away loaves that we could take to feed the ducks at the park. The lady happened to be taking them off the shelves then and gave me 12 loaves for $1. 12 loaves! Holey cow! That will feed the ducks for a couple of weeks! The children will love that though. I had planned to stop by the park on the way home, but it started to rain, so that will have to wait til tomorrow.

And I've decided that I must make my mom's party mix. She usually gives me a box at Christmas, and she didn't this year. It's quite easy, just very time-consuming, and I'll bet she didn't have time this year. But it's just not New Year's if I can't have party mix.


Fresh Girl said...

You mean Spyder knew what one of his presents was? Had he been peeking? ;)

Glad y'all had a good Christmas! I'm hoping things can start getting back to normal now. I know I've gotta start getting back to some normal EATING. Oy.

Noodle said...

Actually, no! He didn't go looking. He had found it at Marshall's a couple of weeks ago. We don't buy toys from Halloween to Christmas (you never know what people will give you as a gift . . .), but he wanted it so badly that I bought it and told him it would go in his stocking. Then it got pushed to the back of the closet and forgotten!