Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peace and joy

Not here.

Five Christmas parties (three of which I helped host).

Two days.

Sinus infection.

I'm so tired that it hurts to think. I hope to have coherent thoughts after sleep. Blissful sleep.


JP said...

Oh, you poor girl! It stinks to be sick this time of year, and yet we wear ourselves out to the point where our bodies can't fight off illness very well. I'll pray for you to have a speedy recovery!

PEZmama said...

Girl, I don't know which is crazier - that you did 2 parties in 5 days or that you stopped to blog about it before going to bed.

Get some sleep. And don't come back until you feel better, for goodness sake!

Fresh Girl said...

Bless your heart! We have sickness at our house right now, too. :( I thought for a while I was going to make it through unscathed, but no, my mom felt like she just HAD to pass it on to me. Isn't she sweet? ;) We even had to miss out on our sleepover with Thomas last night. :(

I hope you're feeling better soon! Get as much rest as you can.