Saturday, December 01, 2007

If you are a cantankerous old person, don't go to the Christmas parade

Our town had its Christmas parade tonight. It's always a nice little affair, seldom busy, but always fun.

This year's parade was a bit different. It was crowded. Not just a little bit more crowded, but significantly so. We always park at the end of the parade route, mostly because it's not far from our house. In years past, we've always had our choice of parking (and watching) spots.

We were a bit late this year, getting there at about the time the parade was starting on the other end. There were no parking places left, and certainly none at the street where we usually park. I ended up parking in an unused drive. We unpacked our chairs, grabbed the coffee and went to find a spot.

The spot that we decided upon wasn't optimum. I prefer to be in the grassy area, and the only space near the car was on the concrete. That wasn't a big problem though. Everyone gets up and wanders around during the parade.

Obviously the women who were already sitting in their chairs nearby didn't get the memo on the wandering though. I asked them, "Are our chairs in your way?" (Meaning: "Are you expecting someone else?" or perhaps "Are we too close for comfort?") The grouchy old woman said -- in a none-too-pleasant tone -- "Yes, you're in the way. I guess we can get up when the parade starts."

Oh pardon us. God forbid that you might have to get up during the parade.

I couldn't stay near that. I walked to the other end of the block and found a great space in a grassy area that already had a couple of families. Excellent! I walked back, gathered our stuff, and we moved to the new place. Sass and Spyder were excited that there were other children and an area to play. It was all good.

One of the things that always surprises me about our parade is that every float throws candy. Every float. And most of the people who drive the antique cars have someone throwing candy too. It's like a candy festival.

The proof is in the candy bowl:

This is the only place I've seen that particular trend, where the children come home with as much candy as they did at Halloween.

We'll be sharing that stash.


Fresh Girl said...

Looks like I'm going to have to visit a parade a little bit south of me next year. ;)

Noodle said...

Come on down, girl! I'll show you the good place to sit, as long as you're okay with standing up occasionally. :)