Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crash and burn

Or, the aftermath of excitement, sugar, and caffeine.

Tonight was Olivia's birthday party at the bounce. The children love the bounce.

That's an understatement. The children would live at the bounce I would agree to cater.

They were thrilled when I announced this morning that today was the day for bounce! They bounced here, around the house, most of the day in anticipation, so they were hyped enough when they realized it was really! time! to! go!

As always, the party ended with cake and drinks. Sass drinks water most of the time, so that's what she ordered from the party assistant. In direct contrast, Spyder ordered a Coke. Not the "why bother?" version I occasionally allow -- Caffeine Free Diet Coke. No, no. He ordered The Real Thing, and I didn't know it until he was almost finished with it.

Oh lawzy.

Afterward, I could definitely tell he'd had a bit more than his body is used to. When we were leaving, he decided that he really needed to see his Grammy (my mom). Er, I can sympathize, but she lives an hour away. So I let them call and chat with the grandparents. It was a riot. Spyder spent the time telling them he was excited about seeing them at Christmas. Sass spent her time telling them about the bounce.

Nighttime routines were a bit off, but not horribly so. In fact, Spyder found one of the books that Sass likes, a beginning reader book, that he said sounded like a poem (it does). He decided to copy it into his copybook that we use for handwriting practice.

But after finishing, he happily listened to that same story as I read it to Sass, did our Advent chocolate and memory, and went to bed. He didn't even attempt to stay up and read. Ten minutes after lights out, I checked in and he was sound asleep.

The bounce is great for that, despite the sugar overload.


My Goodness said...

We LOVE the bounce!!! And you are so right...it has a way of inducing a coma-like state that night!!!
Happy birthday to your little one!

My Goodness said...
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