Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Crying

Candy asked about my crying at the Messiah performance, and my comment response ended up being so long that it seemed to warrant a post all its own.

It's not just that particular piece of music. I cry at almost any moment that evokes emotion -- sad, happy, sentimental . . . . I'm just a crier. I try to hide it, so I actually don't even know if my friends have noticed. Skeeter is kind enough to avoid making eye contact when he knows I'm teary. I'm pretty embarrassed about it, actually, but I just can't help it.

Oddly enough, I seldom cry when I read. It's usually a visual or auditory stimulus that brings it about. I've even been known to have the weepy eyes when talking to a particularly emotional customer at the bookstore! Shameful . . . shameful.

I'd like to blame this the children. (Weepy just seems to follow children in my mind.) I don't think that they deserve the blame though. I think I was this way before.


Kaleigh said...

I'm a cryer, too. Television often makes me cry (Kid Nation, every week. I'm a sucker.), as well as movies, music, books, many daughter, the robot, thinks it's hilarious. Fortunately my son is emotional, so we sit together at movies and sob together (Bridge to Tarabithia? Oh my gosh I felt dehydrated afterward from all the crying...and my boy was right there with me.)

The worst, most embarrassing crying? At the beginning of any kid-oriented play (like Bear in the Blue House live, Elmo live, etc.).

Candy said...

I'm so glad to hear this, because honestly I thought it was just me. Sometimes I feel absolutely ridiculous. We went to see Into the Woods on Broadway for our first anniversary and after the opening scene I was balling like a baby. That show is neither emotional nor uplifting, but it's just the awesomeness that someone DID that and WROTE that and MADE overwhelms me. I can't really verbalize it. But I'm glad to have company :)

My Goodness said...
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My Goodness said...

It's ok to cry...just remember, though, "There's no crying in BASEBALL!!