Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Handel's Messiah

The children and I had the opportunity to attend a performance of Handel's Messiah (well, selections from) this morning. It's one of those musical compositions that moves me -- every time -- and even hearing selected portions is worthwhile.

When Fresh Girl emailed me to let me know of a local performance, I knew I had to go. I called the venue to see if I could bring my, er, entourage. The woman on the phone sounded skeptical, but she said I could.

I had never met the Fresh Girl before, but I recognized her from her photo almost at once. And because I always assume that PEOPLE! LOVE! ME! And EVERYONE! WANTS! TO! MEET! ME!, I barged right over and said hello. And sat down behind her family. So let this serve as a public apology for being my brassy self. I'm glad I sat there though. Fresh Girl and her family are just lovely, and that nephew Thomas -- he's a cutie!

Sass sat on my lap during most of the performance, which was quite useful in hiding my teary eyes. I always get teary-eyed during certain movements, and I'm always so embarrassed by it. It was nice to have Sass as cover. Sass wiggled a bit more than I wanted, but she was mostly engrossed in the music, so I was pleased overall.

Spyder and his stinkin' long legs though -- he accidentally bumped the seat in front of him more times than was necessary. I know that he can't help being so lanky, but I'll be so glad when the rest of him catches up and he has more control over his limbs. Spyder brought a book (as always . . . ) and read during most of the performance. Afterward he asked if we had it on CD at home (we don't) because he wanted to hear a certain portion again. Until then, I was unsure that he was even paying attention. And even later, while we were out shopping (again . . . ), he mentioned twice how much he liked it as "background music to my book." That made me laugh.

I had promised Sass that I would take her to eat at the mall's food court, and we weren't far from there, so that's where we had lunch. And in a pleasant surprise, it wasn't terribly busy!

It was a great day, and I was sad that Skeeter couldn't join us. He had a Big Day at work though. That Company started testing Skeeter's project, so they've come to the beginning of the end. It's exciting!


Candy said...

Gasp! You cry at musical performances? Or is it just Handel?

I have this very annoying and embarrassing habit of crying when I go to concerts, or the theater, or sometimes listening to really good music. It's like - I dunno I get overwhelmed with how beautiful it is or how clever or whatever and I well up. My kids will now stare at me waiting for it to happen. I think they even take bets, the little bastiches.

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, you shush with your apologies! I'm GLAD you came right on over -- I might never have spotted you in that crowd otherwise. ;) And I'm so glad I got to introduce you to my family and vice versa.

Which part did Spyder want to hear again?

It was a lovely performance -- I'm happy we got to share it. :)