Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because it is never too early to appreciate words

Sass and Spyder and I do a "poem of the day" every day. We read the poem, then we talk about the theme and the any of the devices used, generally punctuation, rhyme, meter, alliteration, and assonance.

Tonight we went to a little carnival held to raise money for the classrooms of one of the local schools. My friend Kristin is a first grade teacher, and we went to help her out in her fundraising effort.

They had a Moon Bounce, and my Sass is all about bouncing.

(This is related to the poem thing, I swear.)

Sass went in and bounced and bounced until her little face was red and her hair was all sweaty. All smiles, she ran over to me and said, "Mama! That lady let . . . (pause, with dawning comprehension, a huge grin, and excited eyes) . . . . Hey! That's alliteration!"

I was so proud. :)


JP said...

That's awesome! Way to go Sass!

PEZmama said...

Where do you find the poems?

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Oh, oh! I think the Monday Poetry Stretch over at The Miss Rumphius Effect would be right up all of your alleys.

I'm back from my blog break! I'm trying to catch up on all of my blog reading and get ready for (Lucia's) school.

Noodle said...

PEZmama: Various places. Some are in books we own; some are in books from the library; some from when I've looked up poets on the internet. :)

Alkelda: I'll add Miss Rumphius to my reader! Thanks for the recommendation!