Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Definitely on the "Bad Idea" list

Today I got four passes to see a free screening of the new movie Arctic Tale. This really isn't anything new. We get the free passes at my bookstore all the time. Plus, I know the person who organizes all of the free showings for the metro area, and I can email her any time and say "put me on the list" if I don't happen to get one another way.

Have you ever been to one of these free screenings? They're fun. The crowd is always in a jovial mood (hello? free movie? of course people are happy!). Sometimes they give out prizes too.

But the key word in that paragraph above is crowd. I have been to exactly one of these screenings where people weren't turned away. (The Incredibles, and that was only because it was a downtown showing and there was a massive storm.) Generally, you have to get there over an hour before the showing to actually get a seat.

I'm all about free stuff. But . . . as much as I think my Sass will love this movie, I am not going to stand in line with her for an hour or more -- with a load of other people and the chance that we'll get in -- just to save the price of the tickets ($10). No how, no way. If it's just Skeeter and me, no problem. We just wait our turn and chat. We've done it loads of times, and it's a great cheap date.

Chasing after the urchins? Nope, not interested.

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Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I used to go to those free screenings... long ago, before I had a child. Now, I'm more of the kind of person who will buy tickets days ahead of time just to make sure I actually get in to see the movie.

"Stardust" opens this weekend! Hurrah for Neil Gaiman!