Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take Your Family to Work Day

Today was my usual once-a-month working day at the bookstore. I work the big storytime, where we have a character in costume and lots of crafts as well as the usual reading time.

The character today was Arthur. My children love Arthur, both of them, although Spyder doesn't want most people to know. He's "too old" for that stuff. Har. Har.

Considering how much they like Arthur, I had wanted to bring them anyway. But Skeeter told me yesterday that he had to work this morning, although he wasn't sure how long he'd be. When he told me that, I called the manager and asked if I could bring them along. She had invited me to bring them before, but I thought it was best to call and ask just in case. She said, "Sure, bring them on! We'll put them to work if we need to."

So last night, I told both of them that they had jobs today. It ended up that Skeeter finished up around 8 am, so he was home, but they children were so excited that I wanted them to come anyway. So Skeeter, the children and I all went to work today. And let me just proclaim loudly -- they were fantastic!

The organizer hadn't realized how much prep work there would be for the crafts, so she waited until this morning. Thank heavens I decided to get there early, and I spent an hour and a half cutting felt for the main craft. Sass spent the time cutting out paper hats (and did a great job).

Here's the main craft we did. It's actually one that I did at home with Spyder when he was about 3. It's just a balloon made to look like Arthur, but the children loved it.

These aren't the best examples, but I had a hard time taking photos while the balloons were weaving and wobbling. We also made some to look like DW, although that was a first for me. Some of the children got a little overenthusiastic about the hair (yarn) though, and some of the DW balloons were a little top-heavy.

After the balloon craft, Skeeter read the stories. We were short one person, and he enjoys reading to children, so he volunteered. Spyder helped during storytime by getting children settled, then during the actual reading, he showed the pictures while Skeeter read. Skeeter decided he wouldn't be any good at reading upside down or sideways like I normally do. :)

After the stories, Arthur made his appearance.

Sass was feeling shy at first, but she eventually went over and gave Arthur a high-five.

I was slightly amused to find Spyder helping a customer after storytime too. He was walking along with a grandmother and her grandson, recommending books and telling them that next month's big storytime is Corduroy.

Despite the rush to prep everything at the beginning, it was a fun storytime, and I'm so glad that my family got to join in on the fun. They all did such a great job that the manager invited them for next time and said she'd pay them in cookies, milk, and coffee. That got a thumbs-up from everyone!

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