Friday, August 24, 2007

The utterly brilliant Mr Bean

On Fridays, we have "pizza and movie night." It's just as it sounds. We pick up pizza from either Little Caesar's or Domino's, and we sit to watch a movie while enjoying the pizza.

Tonight's watching feast featured the incomparable Mr Bean. Quite honestly, it's probably one of the best movie nights we've had because we all love the quirky Mr Bean.

I don't know why I never realized it until tonight, but the comedy is almost all physical comedy. The children enjoyed it just as much as the adults, and we ended up watching the entire DVD in one sitting.

Everyone has requested Mr Bean for next week as well. :)

So what about your family? Any suggestions for a movie (or television show) that everyone enjoys to the same extent?

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piper of love said...

Well, you've probably seen it, but we just watched Open Season. I haven't heard my boys laugh together like that...maybe ever. We cried!

I'm definately going to check out Mr. Bean with them. Thanks for the tip!