Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Learning, today's epiphany

Spyder has been reading since he turned 3 years old. Reading, not just sounding out words and such. At age 9, his reading level is that of a high school junior's, although his comprehension isn't quite that high.

Sass, on the other hand, isn't reading yet. Oh, she can sound out small words, but she's not really reading yet. Being the voracious reader I am, that's driving me crazy. BUT I had an epiphany this afternoon. Sass hasn't had the same experiences that Spyder had.

Our city is pretty big, and Spyder and I spent quite a lot of time in the car driving when he was little -- driving around town, going to see his grandparents (1.5 hrs away), that sort of thing. He would always look at books while we were driving around, and I'd have him spell out the words so that I could "read" to him while we were driving. I never even thought about it until today. We were out for a bit today (Target, airport, etc), and Sass had her Can You See What I See? book. Spyder was engrossed in his own book, so I had her spell out the words so I could tell her what to find next. That's when it hit me. I'd be willing to bet that the backseat spelling and reading that Spyder did is at least part of what led him to be a reader before he "should" have.

Sass has never had that because Spyder reads to her! I think I'm going to encourage him to take his headphones when we're in the car so she and I can do more of this. Being in the car is the best because I can't read for her while I'm driving, which is what she would want if I could.

I'm glad that I realized all of this, but I feel as if I should have an "IDIOT" sticker on my forehead for not picking up on it sooner.

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piper of love said...

With my oldest son I did everything! I mean natural childbirth and all. I got to be a stay home mom and I started reading to him the day he was born. literally. I read to him everyday, and by the time he was 13 mo. old he had this amazing vocabulary that amazed everyone. He could speak in five word sentences! It was absurd and awesome.

Then with Noah...when he came along my marriage was ending, etc., I just couldn't do what I did with Jackson. Infact it was almost the polar opposite. I suffered tremendous guilt with that.

But as I've prayed about it, and thought about it, I've realized that Noah has something that Jackson never had...a big brother!

He has had, just as ever kid will have, completely different experiences. But I know that he is just as smart...and I questioned that for a long time...not giving any credit to God for the his part in rearing children.

Whew...this is a long comment.

anyway, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mom who thinks these things about her kids, in one way or another.

you seem to be the epitome of what a virtuous mother should be...I'm glad that I've met you.